Peng & Partners      WANG PENG


International design research office, with a global vision, forward-looking design, multiple cross-border integration (design, architecture, fashion, art), provides interior architecture design, furniture, and art installations with international competitiveness.

Founder, Design Director 
Graduated from/
Domus Academy, Milan, Italy 
Master / Product Design 
University of the Arts London (Chelsea), London, UK 
Master / Interior & Spatial Design 

For his pioneering works, he has received several domestic and international design awards, including iF design Awards,Red Dot design Awards,the Italian MACEF Design Award, Asia-Pacific Design Biennial Awards for "Best Product Design Award", China International Space Environment Art Design Competition Award, "The Best Office Design" awarded by <Design Daily> , and been selected as " one of 50 Chinese design new forces" by Taiwan magazine <Beautiful Home>.



NNS INSTITUTE OF THE INTERIOR ART&DESIGN was established in Beijing in 2011. The company is mainly engaged in interior design in fields of hotel, top luxury villas, real estate model homes, high-end clubs, high-grade office buildings and so on. The company's core team members are senior designers who have more than ten years of experience in the real estate industry.
NNS insists on the spirit of craftsman—"persist", "don't give up" and "inherit", at the same time, it continuously makes progresses and innovations in the creative and cultural aspects, and tries to accomplish a "new craftsman spirit" in every work. These are the design concepts as well as criteria that NNS has been adhering to.

PT Landscape      


PT Landscape, established in 1999, is one of the earliest large scale landscape design corporation in China. It has been certified with the“ISO9001: 2008 quality management system” and has received the grade B qualification in landscape construction design.

PT Landscape is a member of the Shenzhen regional team of PT® Design China Institution.

More than 100 professional landscape designers from China and abroad work synergistically in groups, dedicate themselves to each landscape project. PT landscape has already contributed to 1000 of landscaped design projects both inside and outside China, covers public cityscape design, residential landscape design, urban complex design as well as resort area landscape planning and design.

Alex      JST Micro-design


JST Micro-design Laboratory   Main Designer---Chief Officer of Synthesis of DC Design

Design aesthetics are modern and full of simplicity where the uniqueness of light, space, emotion and location are used carefully, with each fine detail from the conceptual stage to the design of materials and furniture taken into careful consideration.

The design style changes naturally as the time goes by. Xie Suting always insists on the importance of warmth and texture. By jointly using top-quality materials including timber, steel, glass, stone and other glossy fabrics, Xie Suting realizes dark glories which further creates the warm and charming space.

Honors and Awards
IAI AWARDS 2011: “Natural Wind” Green Design Global Prize
IAI AWARDS 2015: Oscar Award in the 9th Global Creative Design 
“Gold Bund” Award in China (Shanghai) International Architecture & Interior Design 2015
Idea-Tops Award in International Space Design 2015
TOP 100 in PC House 2016 Fashion Design Ceremony 
Works shown on the First Sino-U.S. International Design Cultural Fair 2016

More Design Office (MDO)      Jaycee Chui Justin Bridgland


Jaycee Chui
An ARB qualified Architect and interior designer, Jaycee was born in Hong Kong and educated in the UK and Canada. She has over 12 years of experience in London and Hong Kong, now based in Shanghai. Her attention to detail is highly reflected in the quality of each project, bringing beauty and elegance to everyday spaces.

Justin Bridgland
Justin Bridgland is an RIBA Chartered architect from London with over 15 years working on award winning residential, commercial and office projects.  With a solid experience of delivering high quality projects with award winning firms Squire and Partners and RCKa in the UK, he moved to Shanghai in 2010 and has lead a diverse range of architectural and interior designs across China.

MDO are an award winning, multi-disciplinary design practice based in Shanghai.  Founded in 2010 by Jaycee Chui and Justin Bridgland, we put an emphasis on process and investigation to create interesting projects.
We work across the fields of architecture, interior design and furniture, and are interested in the connections between these different disciplines.

Inspiration Studio      Thomas Xie


Executive Director of Inspiration Group  
Design Director of Inspiration Studio
Master degree of Engineering and Design Project Management from CNAM
Member of France Interior Design Association
Director of Interior design branch of China Construction Association
Guest lecturer in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 
Deputy Director-general Guangzhou Design Alliance 
Co-founder of “Seven Plus Five Micro Design” Volunteer Design Team

Editor of “China Interior” published by Interior Design branch of China Construction Association

Mr. Thomas Xie founded Inspiration Studio in 2002 in Guangzhou. He puts forward public, open and interested design concept and highlights to improve the relationship of humans, environments and society. As an innovative team, ING commits to discover design methods which will be good to life and then create good will spaces, settling matters in our life. With his team, he has created a lot of well-known projects and won great of world-wild awards, such as the Champion of Best of Year Award 2015 in the category of exhibition in USA and Good Design Award 2015.

Dickson Hung Associates Design Consultants      Dickson Hung


One of the first generation of Chinese interior designers,
30 years of experience in interior design,
Witness of the development of Chinese interior design industry,
One of the first initiators of Chinese decoration design.

Founder and Design Director of Dickson Hung Associates Design Consultants,
Founder and President of DHA International Design Alliance,
Executive Master of Design Management of Polytechnic University of Milan,
Member of Hong Kong Interior Design Association,
Council Member of Asia-Pacific Hotel Design Association,
Vice President of Guangdong Designers Alliance,
Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Display Art & Furnishing Guild,
With 30 years' interior design experience, he is good at interpreting and reproducing the beauty of life through design, and he has unique taste and his design doesn't limit to a single style.

Being engaged in professional interior design for over 30 years, DICKSON began his career in 1998 and founded Dickson Hung Interior Design (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in 2001. He is the Founder and Design Director of Dickson Hung Associates Design Consultants, Founder and President of DHA International Design Alliance.
DICKSON has been focused on the interpretation of space art from a unique and professional perspective, and he has kept developing new styles and presenting something different. He constantly finds design inspirations and elements from life and cleverly applies them into works. His combination of Chinese and Western elements is various, and his handling of furniture, decorations, artworks and lighting atmosphere is flexible and natural. He has strict requirements on space details, so that his unique design works often can touch people's heart.



DOMANI was established in 2005 and owned by Domani Group Limited, with its headquarters based in Guangzhou. Domani specializes in space design and related corporate planning ,business consultancy and product development. Based on serving prospective customer in different industries, they are committed to provide the highest quality architectural planning and professional interior design works available. Domani has a strict control of the design quality and has become one of the most awarded enterprises of professional international design competitions in Asia.

Super Normal Design      Wu Minwen(left) Yang Jianxun(right)


Wu Minwen(left): Founder of Shenzhen Super Normal Design, co-founder of BOW LIVING(designer brand home furnishing collection store), design director
Yang Jianxun(right): Founder of Shenzhen Super Normal Design, co-founder of BOW LIVING(designer brand home furnishing collection store), design director

About Super Normal Design
Design is supposed to be a super normal daily responsibility.
We need to observe, listen and think, and worship research in design practice;
we need to discover the unique scenery of each space, find the hidden value of each project and explore the unknown demand of each owner, so as to reveal the lingering affecting stories which could touch our inner heart.
Shape, light and texture, and interpretation of design by research,
and by professional techniques, to reflect our unique ingenuity through final figurative space form rather than mechanical reproduction.
Super Normal Design,
takes interior space construction as starting point, independent research as supporting point and its own commercial practicing as background; and focuses on the R&D and design of cultural and commercial spaces.

Chongqing Yueji Architectural Design Office      LI Jun(left)、HE Biao(right)


LI Jun: teacher of Architecture Department of Architecture and Urban Planning Institute of Chongqing University, partner of Chongqing Yueji Architectural Design Office. He has engaged in architectural design practice and professional teaching and research work for more than 20 years, served as project leader and chief designer of various types of construction projects. He devoted himself into the study of vernacular architecture research and hostel architecture design in recent years.

HE Biao: partner of Chongqing Yueji Architectural Design Office. he has engaged in architectural design for 25 years, served as project leader and chief designer of various types of construction projects. He devoted himself into the study of vernacular architecture research and hostel architecture design in recent years.

H&W Design Office      HU Ke, WANG Rui


Founder & Design Director: HU Ke, WANG Rui
Interior designer, engaged in interior design for 17 years
H&W Design Office is founded by two female designers--Hu Ke and Wang Rui in Beijing in 2016. It devotes to design exclusive high-end residential space for elites in China. The two designers integrate fashion and creativity into the design from woman's unique perspective to create interesting interior space. Because of the diversity of design and the strong personal characteristics of space, they have always been enthusiastic about design. H&W has completed design of numerous private villas, model rooms, sales office and other commercial space projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Xiamen, Yunnan , etc. 

【 Awards】
2015 Nest Award, Excellent Prize
Innovative China Space Design 2017, Product Gold Award, Top 10 Villa Designers
【Representative Works】
Housing Project
Vanland Mansion, Xiangshan Qingqin, Yutangshan, Yihe yuanzhu, Xiangjiang Villa, MOMA and so on.
Commercial Project
Enterprise Private Club,  Shin Kong Place Gym, Chain Brand Flagship Store, Office, etc.

X & Collective Design (XCoD)      Alex Xie


Alex Xie, was born in Shandong Province, China in 1983.And graduated from Shanghai Donghua University (DHU) in 2007. Founded X&Collective Design (XCoD) in 2013.

I believes strongly in research as a design tool, as each project bears its unique set of contextual issues. A critical probing into the specificities of program, site, function, and history is essential to the creation of rigorous design work.

We enjoy to keep some old memories of the project or the owner in the case, We hope each case retains its unique history and story, the content can be stylish, material, or just by some design the original intention is to do memory or inductive expression.

Has won several design awards since XCoD establishment.Including Gold of IAI AWARDS, Excellence of A&D TROPHY AWARDS, Best 10 of APIDA, Best Design Of The Year of JINTANG PRIZE, Nominated “Designer of the Year” by A’ Design Award, Silver A' Design Award Winner for Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category in 2016...

Atelier Tree      Casen Chiong


Founding partner and chief architect of Atelier Tree.
Taking human beings’ body and spirit as the initial concern, Atelier Tree successfully completed both the planning of cities or countries with giant scale and the design of tiny products or installations through focusing research and practice on architecture. In terms of creating activities in a variety of fields including public affairs, culture, education, commerce and office business, Atelier Tree adds design energy and innovation value to many aspects of things and objects with the use of open transdisciplinary vision and intensive professional experiences. Both in the natural and artificial environment which is changing rapidly, Atelier Tree firmly intends to expand and define an new state of life both at present and in the future relying on the design team consist of independent architects and small groups, the design methods from the inside to the outside and the open and sincere design attitude.

Zheng Xiang Design      LEO Wei


Wei Yihui  Chief Designer
Mr. Wei has more than 10 years' experience in architectural concept design, interior design, and soft decoration design, leading Zheng Xiang Design team accomplished many interior designs of five-star hotels, top private clubs, high-end showrooms, sales offices, senior offices, and so on.

Adopting advanced concept of interior design of foreign architecture and combining Chinese design elements, Dongguan Zheng Xiang Decoration Design Consulting Co., Ltd. (Zheng Xiang Design) focuses on creating design projects that maximizes spaces and space value for clients. Zheng Xiang Design specializes in interior design, advocates diverse design aesthetics, and adheres to the spirit of innovation for many years, thus making itself pioneer in architectural interior design, art furnishings, and product design, etc. Why can we be the best in the peers? One of our core strengths is that we provide customers with overall project management services which are beyond the limitations of traditional interior design, and comprehensive control of projects from ideas to the completion. There is also a self belief and expectation in their creation, focusing on searching for potential factors, finding out an unique spatial order from China's traditional culture, art, and aesthetics. They look for, explore, and try new expressive techniques to pursue the design characteristics and personality, which made them more unique. The design team is active in the interior design industry by their high-quality design, and has accumulated a large number of outstanding works and successful experiences.

ICAD International Commercial Art Association Registered Interior designer
2015 - 2016 China 's Interior Design 50 Outstanding Young Designers
2011 International Space Awards- Idea Tops Awardfor Best Hotel Finalist
2012 International Space Awards- Idea Tops Award for Best Club  Finalists
2014 Overseas Chinese Cup - Just Easy Website  Excellence Award
2016 CBDA (China Architectural Decoration Design Art Exhibition) office category Silver Award
2016 China LED Expo- Guangzhou DivisionFirst Prize
2016 Asia-Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitation Excellence Award
2016 JINTANG Prize  Best Work of the Year
2016 Haining Cup • Annual Excellent Villa Design Award
2016 HAPPINESS HOUSE• China Residential Design Outstanding Villa Design Award of the year
2016 International Space Design Awards (Dongguan Division) - Idea Tops Award - Best Office Space Design Award
2016 International Space Design Awards (Dongguan Division) - Idea Tops Award -Best Villa Design Award

FAN Life      


"FAN Life" - "Upgrading the Artistic Beauty of Life". It captures the market from the international fashion trends; and creates aesthetic living space through new art schools and new prevalent perspectives.
FAN Art & Design is a space design brand owned by Fan Life. It is one of the top 10 raising decoration design companies in Shenzhen, specializing in interior decorative design, providing furnishing art design for professional hotels, business clubs, mansion villas, high-end coffee houses/catering spaces and cross-border commercial spaces for domestic clients.

Leaping Creative      Zen Zheng


Co-Founder and Design Director of Leaping Creative
After graduating with a degree of BA (Hons) Product Design from Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, Zen Zheng has worked in various field such as product design, brand consultant and marketing in London, where he strengthened the belief that good design should achieve both creative realization and business problem solving.
He received awards including CSD (UK Chartered Society of Designers) Student Design Awards in product design category, Winner of Best Product Design in Hong Kong Inclusive Design 48-hour Design Competition and alsochosen as global TOP 100 post-80 Chinese Designers in 2012 and awarded Guangzhou Design Elite by Guangzhou Design Week in 2014.
In 2009, he founded Leaping Creative, a multi-disciplinary design company that provides dynamic branding and design services, helping brands to build unique consumer experience and exclusive brand images.

Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd.      SUN Tianwen


Chief designer of Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design co., Ltd
Senior interior architect 
The Most Influential Young Designers Award by IAID
Director of China Institute of Interior Design (CIID) 
Director of China Hospitality Association   
Executive director of the 4thSessionof Shanghai Decorators Decoration Association (SDDA) 
Tutor of designer committee ofChina Furniture &Decoration Chamber of Commerce 
Editorial board member of Interior Design
2013 Judge of International Space Design Award IDEA-TOPS (Shanghai)
2014 Judge of International Space Design Award IDEA-TOPS (Shanghai)
2015 Judge of International Space Design Award IDEA-TOPS (Shanghai)
2016 Judge of International Space Design Award IDEA-TOPS (Shanghai)
Judge of the 14th Architectural Decoration Design Award "Longteng Cup" Humanities Space Design Competition
Guest professor of Jiangnan University    
Guest professor of Jilin Jianzhu University   
Master’s supervisor of MFA in Fine Arts Academy of Northeast Normal University 
Guest Host for DESIGN.STYLE column in Dragon TV

Middle Interior Design Shenzhen Ltd.       Xu Simin


Xu Simin is graduated from the Architectural and Environmental Art Design Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. During the academic year he was elected to study specialized knowledge of architectural design in South China University of Technology. Taught by Professor Chen Kaiqing, former director of the Architectural Design and Research Institute, he is expert in modern thinking logic and artistic creation. In the year of 2016, Mr. Xu founded MID design team; in 2011 he has set up Middle Interior Design Shenzhen Ltd. and Shenzhen Tianluan Art and Design Co., Ltd., and joined the Architectural Society of China Interior Design Branch. The team has works throughout China, Southeast Asia and Australia, and they have won awards including the CIID China Interior Design Award, the Mango Award for Best Commercial Space Design, Idea-Tops International Space Design Award, and so on. In the end of the year 2015, Mr. Xu led the team for the first time to enter catering industry by creating the beef hot pot brand "We New Do", which quickly occupied the market and won consistent praise from the market, thus creating a new era of beef hot pot.

Since its establishment in 2006, Middle Interior Design Shenzhen Ltd. has been insisting on the design philosophy of innovative design and innovative living. Giving life to each design details and making full use of the unique artistic experience of space, MID creates unique character for each project. The design process is an interpretation of the designer's attitude towards life, so we require bold and innovative design concept which meets the functional needs at the same time, so that investors can have full assurance of success.
MID has set up design studios and offices in the Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Sydney. We bring innovative ideas to many property developers and private investors, making each project featuring unique sensual experience and full of human care.

Continuation Studio      Fan jiujiang


Continuation Studio, founded by Fan jiujiang and ZhaiWenting in 2015, is a small-scale architectural design practice, specialising in architectural design, architecture and space renovation, and interior design. Based in Hangzhou, the team realises high concept design with spatial construction methods of narratives, concerning about the ongoing development in urban and rural spaces as well as local construction activities. Being known for connecting the design to the local area and its community, the team believes in designers to have appropriate values and foreseeability to utilisethe relation amongst architectures, users and designers, which “continuously”causes mutual influence and changes.
Since the establishment, the team has completed various projects, including the Jingshan Boutique Hotel in Hangzhou, M.Y Lab Wood Workshop in Shanghai, Demonstration Area of Vanke Future City in Xuzhou, Casa Kang in Mogan Mountain, a B&B renovation project in Lin’an, and renovation of Hotel of the Stone House Group in Shitang.

Xinjang Wind Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd      Liu Xu


Xinjang Wind Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd, founded in 2002 by Liu Xu(one of the 4th generation architect in China), is a national Grade A professional institution that engages in a wide range of public architecture design and relevant engineering consultancy business. 
Yudian follows the value of “cultivating quality awareness, building a corporate image, making quality products of the era, creating a model of the century”. It strictly adheres to its quality management system and forms a complete and efficient system for quality control, construction cost control and operation management in the whole process, ensuring that all work is done efficiently, in good quality and in an orderly manner and providing clients with safe, proper and effective design works.
Yudian has practical experience in designing landmark city complexes and large, high-rise projects which involves researches and practices on city design, landscape environment and historic heritage, with innovative concepts being its value orientation of times. It is dedicated to enhancing the confidence of investors and improving the value of its products. Yudian is committed to advanced design concepts, abundant design experience, outstanding design works, excellent design quality and construction cost control measures, and great design service. Yudian Design Institute devotes itself to creating new space, new environment and new ecology according to local conditions in the setting of desert, grassland and natural area.

Huyue Studio      Yue Hu


Yue Hu, the master of survey and design in China, chief architect of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) and principal architect of Yue Hu Architecture Studio, has directed diverse types of public building designs in twenty years, who has won a number of national, ministerial and provincial levels of awards. While working on the practice of design, he focuses on the theory of architectural design and application of new materials as well. His articles have been widely published in distinct publications. His research has been devoted to methodology of architectural design in recent years.
-- Architecture is the result of space and environment after consideration
Fangqing Tai, associate chief architect of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) and associate director of Yue Hu Architecture Studio. Pursuing the innovation during the design, she also concentrates the practice in applying the design theory and new materials. Meanwhile, for the purpose of keeping a high level of production through the whole team, she invests plenty of time in studying management. As one of the project managers, she organizes and completes a large number of design workings of large-scale projects (e.g. Beijing Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center (BWCSC), which is the key project of Olympic Games, Yujiapu first financial area ‘Block 03-22’ in Binhai New Area of Tianjin. She has won several national, ministerial and provincial levels of awards such as gold award of national excellent project survey and design, Tien-yowJemeCivilEngineeringPrize, etc.
-- Architecture is to create a place of spirit in people’s daily life.

Huyue Studio is one of the first separated studios in BIAD. To design works of high quality is the strategic target and the core spirit of the team.
As innovation is the major objective around the studio, the precondition is to thoroughly analyze all aspects of conditions, problems and conflicts of the project. Innovation needs to be based on solving problems rather than making troubles. We are not aiming at refurbishing buildings in a simple way.
BIAD is one of the most well-known brands in the industry of national civil building design which possess splendid achievements and abundant comprehensive technical strength. With the support of such technologies, Huyue Studio forge ahead and innovate with an active mind which is reliable and courageous to face challenges.
Huyue Studio have participated and designed a great number of challenging projects in recent years. Among them, Beijing Wukesong Stadium, Wukesong baseball field, the UBPA office building of Shanghai World Expo, renovation of the Qingpu Stadium in Shanghai, Integrated Service Center of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, etc. have won the Beijing, industry and national level of awards respectively. Meanwhile, the studio take part in the 1st China International Architectural Biennial, the 1st Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, Shanghai West Bund Architectural Biennial. Moreover, the studio have gone to Germany, Belgium and England for International Architectural exhibition.
Leading by the master of National Survey and Design, Huyue, a young team with strong innovation ability and project implementation has been formed.

BLVD International      Du Yun \ Honglei Liu


BLVD was jointly established by Mr. Du Yun and Ms. Liu Honglei in 2001. ‘To start with simplification; to end with perfection’ conveys their shared pursuit of ‘perfectionism and harmony’. Over the past 16 years since establishment, BLVD has created a series of excellent works that perfectly combine scene, emotion and artistic conception. BLVD re-interprets the beauty of ‘artistic conception’ that is highly praised in oriental aesthetics through internationalized and modernized language and further brings infinite imagination for visitors through the dialogue between nature, space and man. Embracing intelligent creativity and precise academic spirits, BLVD has become a trinity of architecture, landscape and interior design. BLVD does not only show excellence in hotel and office design, but is also acknowledged as the best expert in Chinese waterfront design industry. In 2016, as a high-end brand of Chinese environmental design, BLVD successfully attracted Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd (300500) to buy its stocks. BLVD and Tus-Design Group integrate resources in various fields aiming at establishing a high-end integral service system capable of providing complete service of construction design as well as construction technology with cultural creative ideas as the core.

About CL3      William Lim

Hong Kong

Founder and Managing Director
As Founder and Managing Director of CL3 Architects Ltd. (CL3), William Lim brings over 20 years of experience to his projects. An acclaimed architect and artist, William graduated from Cornell University and has spent the past two decades at the forefront of architecture, culture and art. 
With a keen appreciation of humanities and art, William’s designs are distinctive and contemporary. “Architects have a social obligation to improve urban environments,” explains William. “Architecture is about people. I always feel that architects are only doing part of the job—the rest is really shaped by the occupant using the space. We treat every project as a unique challenge and pay attention to every single detail – from the architecture to the interior detailing-- to create human-oriented and quality designs with artistic value.”. 
Since founding CL3 in 1992, William has established a notable presence on the global design scene. The studio’s diverse, award-winning portfolio includes architectural and interior projects for hotels, restaurants, retail, corporate, residences and art installation design.
William is also active in the art space with a focus on public art. Throughout his career he has held several solo exhibitions showcasing his public art installations, most notably the Lantern Wonderland 2003 & 2011, Venice Biennale’s International Architectural Exhibition in 2006 & 2010, as well as Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in 2007 and 2009. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Chengdu, the United States and Holland. More recently, his signature piece, “West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre”, was awarded the Grand Award and Special Award for Culture in Design for Asia Award in 2013.
Committed to promoting culture and education, William is currently the Advisory Council Member of the College of Architecture, Art and Planning at Cornell University and a Member   on the Asia Pacific Acquisition Committee for Tate. Closer to home, he is also among the Gallery Advisory Committee Members for The Asia Society Hong Kong Center and Museum Expert Advisers for the Hong Kong Museum. 

Weini Design      Ray Cai


Ray Cai, founder of Weini Design, senior commercial interior designer. Engaged in interior design industry for over 10 years.Participated in numerous domestic large-scale interior design cases such as Mercedes Benz 4S shop and international shopping center in HaitangBay, Sanya.
Large-scale commercial dining industry’s rapid development in recent years inspires Ray Cai to concentrate his endeavor on dining space design. With rich industry experience and comprehensive quality, Ray Cai combines commercial consideration with brand’s core appeal and creates his distinctive style of practical and durable aesthetics. He manages to re-definespatial art fashion through his superb skill of using spatial structure, special perspective of infusing commercial form and aesthetics into layout, materials and lighting of interior space.

Weini Design is a commercial-space-focused design practice. Members of this young and emerging team have multidisciplinary working experience in multinational design company.
Weini Design always believes in the value of innovation. Prior to the designing process, Weini will make mass preparation including market survey, customer position, spatial analysis, storefront image, circulation research, etc., so as to endow commissioned project with unique spatial characteristics. Weini team occasionally go overseas for business survey and within-industry study, which provides golden opportunity to improve efficiency and overall effect of their design.



Senior interior architect, founder and chief designer of AD ARCHITECTURE, commits to the creation of interior space and space experience.
Design derives from life, so we extract emotional design inspiration and use rational design techniques to start every design from scratch, breaking inertial design thinking and making people have different experience and joy in every different space.

Founded in 2015, AD ARCHITECTURE takes win-win, coexistence, and consensus as its concept.
AD ARCHITECTURE intends to gather designers of common ideas to form a collaborative design team to develop local design. Its main practice includes architectural design, interior design, and soft decoration.
Focusing on design of villas, sales office, offices, clubs, and public spaces, AD ARCHITECTURE is committed to provide high-level architectural and interior designs with its professional position and innovative design concept.
It's goal is to create more creative designs.

Award situation:2015 China(Shanghai) International Building & Interior Design Festival(CIID)  finalist;2015 Asia-Pacific interior design elite  finalist;2014 China International Interior Design Biennale;2014 CIDA silver award;2013 Guangdong Environmental Design International Competition  Silver Award, Bronze Award;2008 Asia-Pacific Interior Design Award Winning Prize.

Bernard Space Design      Zhang Zhiwen


The founder and design director of Bernard Space Design With ten years’ practicing experience, he has been dedicated in the planning and design of branded commercial space, based on which Zhang Zhiwen set up the team to complete the systematic design process involved with positioning analysis on projects and specific design presentation. Every project will be analyzed and considered from point of commercial behavior, pattern, function and creativity. brand image is built with the appeal of art which is based on the positioning of the brand itself. Being expert in identifying the trend but never follow it blindly, he always believes that only designs that follow hearts could lead the trend. Thus, Bernard attaches great importance to the originality for every project and requires the whole team to stick to innovation, crossover and even subversion, so that all works could be completed in a manner beyond expectations.

CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)      Joe Cheng

Hong Kong

CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)specializes in hospitality interior designconsultancy forhigh-end international hotel brands.CCD is ranked as No. 3 in Hospitality Giants 100 featured in US Interior Design magazine in 2013, and honored by the world’s most anticipated awards including the Gold Key Awards; since established in 2001, CCD has kept abreast of new directions and innovations in the industry with its detailed design knowledge, international experience, and management skills.

Mr. Joe Cheng, the founder of CCD, believes that the success of design lies in a perfect combination of high-quality construction and special attention to details. CCD’s elite team, coming from around the globe, infuses unique value to each project with their inherent strengths of cross-cultural background and perspective.

CCD provides an extensive combination of design services and solutions for clients in order to increase and maintain the value of their projects while implementing innovative design concepts, the latest technology and unique product identity.Recent projects includeTaipeiFarglory Stadium Hotel, Taiwan Jiaosi Resort Hotel, Marriott India, Conrad Bangkok Hotel, Pan Pacific Yangon, Emirates Riyadh Hotel, Sheraton Universal Hotel Los Angeles, Sheraton San Gabriel Los Angeles, Saipan Resort, Diaoyutai Hotel Frankfurt, etc. These expansions in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America have facilitated CCD’s international presence.

V studio      Hu Quanchun


About Hu Quanchun
Current position: Lecturer of Public Art Studio of CAFA SCULPTURE 
Research Orientation: Field Art & Space Design
Personal studio: V studio, founded in 2016
July 1977, born in Yueyang, Hunan Province, China
June 1999, graduated from Oil Painting Department, Institute of Arts in Hunan Normal University
June 2006, graduated and received master's degree from Institute of Architecture in the Central Academy of Fine Arts
From August 2006 - so far, teaching at Public Art Studio of CAFA SCULPTURE

Shishang Architecture      Chen Xuan


Chen Xuan is the executive director and chief designer of Shishang Architecture. She founded the studio in 2004 and it has since become a leading architecture and design practice in China and beyond. Under her leadership, Shishang has completed many high-profile residential, commercial and cultural projects which are regularly featured in leading print and online publications. 
Before starting Shishang, Chen Xuan joined the China Academy of Building Research in 2001, where she opened a commercial department within the China Building Technology Group Co. Ltd in 2002. During that period she was instrumental in designing multiple high profile government buildings like the Embassy of Saudi Arabia and the RenminZhengxie Newspaper Office Building.
In 2009, Chen Xuan returned to the Central Academy of Fine Arts to work on her PhD research program for Modern Art Museum Architecture.

When Chen Xuan is not busy designing, she performs as lead singer in the band The Key, and involves in many cross-discipline projects with fashion, merchandise and commercial art, many of which proceeds go to charity. Chen Xuan is also a regular guest and host in design-focused TV shows, gives lectures at top Chinese universities and writes articles for industry publications.
Published research essays and designs appear in Vogue, Cosmo, Domus International Chinese Edition, Interial Design Chinese Edition, China Architectural Daily, Architectural Digest, Better Home & Gardens, Hanghai Daily, China Daily, ilook, Beijing TV Station,, and many other online and print media. 

Create+Think Design Studio       Arthur Ho


Create+Think Design Studio was founded in Taipei in 2005.
With our insight and interpretation of dimension relationships, we bring our clients a different experience and sensitivity in spaces.
With impeccable operation procedure, we provide the best spatial design solution to our clients.
With effective cost control, we give our clients the greatest satisfaction.

Awards:Reddot Award best of best, Good design Award, APIDA, AAP, A design award, ArchitizerA+, IDA, TID gold

Wei Yi International Design Associates      Fang Xin-Yuan


Wei Yi International Design Associates was founded in 2003. For multi-directional extension of the design concept, the brand Newspaper was set up in 2009. Brand symbol N is presented in the way of “Po Bi” of Chinese calligraphy in oriental culture; it implies the design concept of Wei Yi International Design Associates.
Designer Fang Xin-Yuan graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, and served in Kris Yao Artech and SL+A International Asia. He always observes and studies urban humanity through travelling to different cities. Wei Yi International Design Associates is committed to applying low impact design into residential planning and research, and exploring the influence on every aspect of living in such low impact spaces.
His works have been featured by many media both at home and abroad, such as 《PLACES Of Spirit》in Germany, 《Marie Claire Italy》in Italy, 《Home Living》in New Zealand etc.. He has won many awards, among which there are TID Award(Taiwan), Golden Pin Design Award(Taiwan), APIDA(HK), IAI(China), INSIDE World Festival of Interiors (Singapore), IF Design Award(Germany), German Design Award, Red Dot Design Award(Germany), A’DESIGN(Italy). For future design, invisible design will still be taken as centerpiece, and related elements such as culture, art, environmental protection and economy will be integrated and applied in design planning.

Horus Architectural Design (HAD) & Epos Architects      Zhou Yonggang


Zhou Yonggang
Zhong Yonggang was born in Chongqing, graduated from the School of Architecture and Design of Southwest Jiaotong University. He used to work in Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design Institute, and now he is the Principal Architect of HAD and a partner of EPOS.

Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co., Ltd      Li Jianmei


Li Jianmei
Co-Founder and Creative Director
Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co., Ltd
Ms. Li Jianmei devotes to pushing forward the fusion development of art, design and home furnishings. As an interior decoration designer, she makes her decoration in accord with the interior design style, digging and creating the unique spatial temperament for each space. Through graceful and concise design methods, she pays special attention to the delicacy of every detail and has a strong artistic aesthetics for space. Ms. Li has cooperated with many well-known property firms and obtained their consistent high praises since the beginning of her career.

Shenzhen Qianxun Decorative Art and Design Co., Ltd, one of the brand interior design institutions in Shenzhen, offers integrated service on interior design and decoration design for high-end properties, star hotels, boutique hotels and so on, and provides artwork allocations for commercial spaces, public spaces and private spaces. Qianxun Decorative Art and Design cooperates with EPC art resource system, a famous art organization in Shenzhen, collecting the resources of arts and beauty. We create unique spatial artistic temperament based on the space and marketing requirements, so as to create a life culture with excellent taste in the extreme and provide artistic and cultural spaces with better commercial value for the clients.

office PROJECT      Chang Ke \ Li Wenhan


office PROJECT is a crossover and boundaryless design and research group.
It is found in Beijing by Chang Ke and Li Wenhan.  
office PROJECT has no style but only unique solution of each different project.
Through digging into the deep motivation of each project, we explore new spacial program and model to create a new intertextuality based on the original social and physical context.
office PROJECT is a promoter of Whole-process Design.
office PROJECT focus on the unique condition of current China, and we research different phenomenon of it. 

Lim + Lu      Elaine Lu \ Vincent Lim

Hong Kong

Lim + Lu is an inter-disciplinary design practice initiated in New York, currently based in Hong Kong. Lim + Lu works internationally providing architecture, interior, furniture, and product design services. Co-founders Vincent Lim and Elaine Lu met at Cornell University during their architecture studies. When the duo initiated Lim + Lu as aside projectin 2013, Vincent was an architect at KPF New York while Elaine focused on retail interiors at Tiffany & Co. After trying their hands at ICFF 2014 with several furniture prototypes and receiving much acclaim, the duo decided to move to Hong Kong to pursue Lim + Lu full time. Currently, Lim + Lu are working on projects in Hong Kong, New York, and other cities. Lim + Lu is recently awarded as Rising Asian Talent by Maison et Objet 2017, 40 Under 40 by Perspective, and the 100 Most Influential Architects and Designers in 2017 by AD China.

ARCHSTUDIO      Han Wen-Qiang


Han Wen-Qiang, an associate professor in CAFA (China Central Academy of Fine Arts), the founder of ARCHSTUDIO. He mainly researches on contemporary architectural and interior environment based on traditional cultural background, devotes to making space to be the communication medium between people and people, people and environment, and creating a livable life. He has been featured as 2015 One of the Best Ten International "Design Vanguard" by American renowned magazine "Architectural Record”. His works have won many awards, including “LEAF (Leading European Architecture Forum) Awards” Refurbishment of the Year Award, Architizer "A+ Awards" Architecture + Renovation Category Jury Award, “Hospitality Design Award” Open Category Winner of American Hospitality Design magazine, "Best of Year Awards" of American "Interior Design" Magazine; "The 37th Annual Interior Awards" of American "Contract" magazine; “Taiwan Interior Design Award” Gold Award; "Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards" Gold Award; Design for Asia Award Merit Award and WA Design Experiment Award Shortlist Award, etc. His works have also been invited to exhibited at "Towards A Critical Pragmatism: Contemporary Architecture in China" exhibition by Harvard University and 2015 Kwangju Art Biennial in Korea. His works have been widely published by home and abroad renowned publications, including Architectural Record, Architectural Review, Arquitectura Viva, Frame, d+a, Perspective, Taiwan Architecture magazine, Time + Architecture magazine, dezeen, designboom, archdaily, gooood and other famous design websites.

CUNDesign      Cui Shu


Founder of CUN-Design
Post-80s representative of space design
Senior interior architect
Executive advisor of Chinese Design Elites of 2016
Member of The Art Display & Decoration Committee of China of CBDA
Guest judge of Nest Award
Outstanding young and middle-aged designer of China by Building Decoration Association

Being a post-80s I think that I carry all symbols of this age - rebellious, special and stubborn. Yet sometimes I also feel out of tune with these characters. There is another rigorous, meticulous and tangled me. I am a crazy X-sports fan who loves skiing, skydiving, auto racing and Harley transformation, while on the other side I am a builder of fine and creative living who has fun in  interior design, clothing and furniture design and art deco. I am a paradoxical creative - I do design seriously and freely, and live naughtily and happily. I will not be the slave to traditional design, and I am not the follower of mass aesthetic trend, I will not stop on my way of finding myself.

C.DD       LI Xing-Lin \ HE Xiao-Ping

佛山 Foshan

C(Chi) -- a ruler measures the beauty in our heart
D(Dao) -- a kind of philosophy of understanding design

Mr LI Xing-Lin and Miss HE Xiao-Ping co-founded C.DD in 2009. It always adheres to the concept of “Design is not only a kind of production service, but also a way of thinking and an attitude towards life”.  The team develops multi-disciplinary services, including architecture design, space design, engineering construction, art of display and brand vision design services. The opinion “to build the theater of the mind and to realize our shared dream; to focus on providing top quality design and service to create the greatest value for clients; to research and explore interesting, meaningful and valuable design” is regarded as the core of development of the company. And this opinion penetrates throughout its creation, production, operation and service.

CHU CHIH-KANG SPACE DESIGN Co., Ltd      Chu Chih-Kang

Kaohsiung, Shenzhen

The name Chu Chih-Kang had been internationally renowned in year 2015.  His works have been listed as indicator of design trend by main stream media in Europe. Meanwhile, he has won more than 10 most authoritative design awards from German, Japan, Hong Kong , America and Mainland China, which including German Design Award and ICONIC AWARDS issued by German Design Council. AD Magazine refers to him as one of the AD 10 0- Most Influential Design Elites in China, and his work Fangsuo Bookstore in Chengdu is rated as one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores by AD Magazine (international version).  Chu and his works have been reported by magazines and media of more than 10 languages. In year 2016, Chu Chih-Kang was invited by GAA to display his new conceptual design Mountain‧ Water in Parallel Show “Time Space Existence” of La Biennale di Venezia 2016.  In 2017 Venice Art Biennale, Chu Chih-Kang was invited by The GAA Foundation again to show the sequel of his works Mountains‧Waters in Palazzo Mora on May. Themed on PERSONAL STRUCTURES - open borders.

Chu comes from Taiwan and has been exposed to rich culture since his childhood.  Chinese cultural elements, which are not superficial but with deep cultural connotation, could always be found in his design. Combined with his keen observation of scenario, his works could always awaken those emotions in people’s memories. That is why his works could touch readers’ heart. His works touch not only Chinese who have shared cultural memories, but also westerners.  “In Chu’s works, we see new modern eastern design” said such westerners.  

DetureCulsign,Architecture+Interiors      Kimshasa Baldwin


Working closely with each client to create spaces which offer stimulative experiences and embody clear brand identity, architect, interior designer, and LEED-AP Principal Kimshasa Baldwin strives to deliver “Design with a Point of View”. Kimshasa’s extensive 20 year national and international portfolio, curated while practicing in Chicago, Miami and New York City, reflects the privilege she has had working with industry leaders in many sectors including hotel/resort, chef-driven restaurants, spa and wellness, cruise line, entertainment and gaming. In her Chicago-based studio, she has smartly brought together a nimble team to provide tailored client services in the pursuit of crafting enduring designs through a layered exploration of the guest experience. Successfully building a reputation for immersive, environmentally conscious and operationally-aware spaces with high-level design, she has been honored as an On-The-Rise Designer by Boutique Design and recipient of multiple design awards from Hospitality Design and the International Interior Design Association. Through her travels, volunteer services and spectatorial study of the Arts, Kimshasa continues to explore the creatively dynamic relationship between design and culture which is the essence of Deture Culsign, Architecture+Interiors.

Feeling Design      WU Wen


WU Wen
Founder and Design Director of feeling Design 
WU Wen was graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and majored in Exhibition &Art Design. He engaged in commercial space design and brand service since 2008.He founded feeling Design in 2013 and he is acting as the Design Director.
“Inspired by feeling, follow heart” is the fundamental principal of my design. Each space or brand has its unique body, giving them an exclusive soul is the pursuit that I am never bored with. I enjoy wandering among different brands, crossover collision is very interesting to me. 

FM. X Interior Design in Xiamen      XU Fu-Min


Master of Fine Arts 
General Manager and Creative Director of FM. X Interior Design in Xiamen 

2015 Taiwan Interior Design Award, Residential Space, TID Gold Award
2013 CIID Institute Award, Commercial Space, Gold 
2012 Asia Pacific Interior Design Award, Retail Space, Silver 
2012 CIID Institute Award, Commercial Space, Gold 
2007 CIID Institute Award, Commercial Space, Gold
2007 CIID Institute Award, Office Space, Gold 

Co-Direction Interior Design      Jiang Xiao-Lin


Graduated from School of Architecture, China Central Academy Of Fine Arts
Founder and Design Director of Co-Direction Interior Design
Jiang Xiao-Lin has great artistic accomplishment, and is good at turning his art appreciation experience into design motivation. He has years of experience in exploring interior design, and has been committed to combining traditional eastern aesthetic spirit with contemporary design techniques. He has led Co-Direction Interior Design developed diversified designs.
"Based on current situation, I want to design something new. We think that space scenario is something viable, we keep its vitality and make it conveys a temperament of cultural art, thus gain it new values." Co-Direction Interior Design emphasizes study, pays attention to design methods, thus accomplish practices in many design fields such as high-end property, boutique resort hotel, commercial space, top-level private house etc.. Co-Direction Interior Design insists in pursuing of innovation, doing designs with its heart and soul, and is immersed in R&D of products. It is an experienced design team with international vision and keen insight towards the frontier market. It is good at integrating all kinds of resources, and provides owners with complete and efficient interior design consulting service and FF&E solutions.

GD-Lighting Design      Wang Yenchin

Hongkong, Beijing, Shenzhen

Grand Sight Design International Limited (GD-Lighting Design) was founded in 2004 in Hongkong by its Chief Designer Mr. Wang Yenchin. GD-Lighting is a professional lighting design company which work scope covers exterior and interior lighting design and consultancy. The company has been involved in a number of national and local landmark lighting design projects. It is also a company of professional lighting designers of different background from Mainland China, Taiwan and other Asia countries. GD-Lighting has accumulated rich design and practical experiences in high-rise buildings, large commercial mixed-use buildings, five-star hotels, and public and traffic spaces.

CONSTRUCTION UNION      Chen Xiejin, Wenwei


Construction Union focuses on creating commercial spaces for brand chains. With its unique and keen design concept and ideas, it has been committed to get high-quality space designs. Through combining the design with commercial operating pattern of a brand, Construction Union offers customers tailored and exclusive innovative commercial brand spaces, as well as design terminal solutions from project concept to implementation. We think that everything is changing in this fast changing world, so in the field of design, every project is an unknown new milestone. Keep exploring and digging more possibilities is our everlasting pursue. 

He Wei Studio/3andwich design       He Wei


Associate professor of School of Architecture, China Central Academy of Fine Arts
Ph.D, Art and Design, China Central Academy of Fine Arts
Dipl.-Ing. Architektur, University Stuttgart
Bachelor of Architecture, Tsinghua University

Vice Chairman, Rural Architecture Committee, The Architectural Society of China
Member, Regional Architecture Committee, The Architectural Society of China
Vice Director, Environmental Art Illuminating Committee, Beijing Illuminating Engineering Society
Editor in Chief, German Professional “Lighting Design” Magazine, Chinese edition
Editorial Committee, “Community” Magazine

Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design      Xu Xu-Jun


Founder of Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design
Dean and Chief Executive Creative Director of Shanghai Xu Xujun Institute of Architects
“A flag of China’s Originalism Designer”, “Council Member of International Registered Artist and Designer Association”, contemporary space magician, crossover artistic design master, winner of Idea-Tops. Got involved in fields of architecture design, landscape design, interior design, graphic design and oil painting, sculpture, installation art etc. since early 1990s. Founder of Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design, Dean and Chief Executive Creative Director of Shanghai Xu Xujun Institute of Architects. With his inherent explosive force in design, all his original works are given great artistic quality, and have attracted wide attention in international design industry. He has won numerous design awards, which has been widely reported by media. In year 2012, he has been named “Annual Cover People of China’s Interior Designers of 2012-2013” by

Init Design Office      Zong De-Xin, Su Yun-Feng, Chen Jun


IDO (Init Design Office) was founded in Chongqing in 2012. In the process of practice, IDO maintains the keen insight and independent thinking about city, culture and society of contemporary China, and focuses their study on public interest and humanistic solicitude recently. IDO pays attention to the relationship of modern and traditional architecture, and practices the idea of ecological city and green building. IDO tries to think from the origin, focuses on the present and pursues the nature of design. IDO refuses fashionable and prevalent method and pattern of design and aims at providing direct and simple solution in design. 

LUKSTUDIO      Christina Luk

Shanghai, PortugalOporto

LUKSTUDIO is a boutique design practice based in Shanghai, China. Founded by Christina Luk in 2011, the studio is comprised of an international teamof architects anddesigners with diverse backgrounds and cultural perspectives. With a common desire to challenge the status quo of the environment, the team finds joy in creating meaningful design solutions for others.
Lukstudio’s strength lies in an ‘everything is possible’ attitude that is influenced by the surrounding context of Shanghai; a fast-paced city where East meets West and tradition is integrated with innovation.
Each project tells its own story, and Lukstudio is proud to identify a narrative, preserving it from concept through to completion to deliver memorable spatial experiences that delight and surprise.
We collaborate closely with clients and contractors to deliver artistic solutions within a commercial scope. The team enjoys experimenting with materials, light and shadow to make each project unique, while also extending the boundaries of architecture.
Lukstudio has been widely published and awarded internationally. It was selected by GOOOOD as one of the top 10 young designers in 2015. It has been listed by Architectural Digest as AD100, the most influential architects and designers in China in 2017. Other accolades for the studio include: A+Awards, A&D Trophy Award, DFA Awards, HD Awards, Modern Decoration, Modern Design Awards, Prix Versailles, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Taiwan Interior Design award, Tongji Young Designer Award.

BLOOM DESIGN       Li Baoling, Chen Xiaohu


Bloom Design was established in Shenzhen, a City of Design. Founding partners Li Baoling and Chen Xiaohu are now serving as the Creative Director and Design Director respectively. Bloom Design is an institution combines diverse creative design services which focuses on fashion brand design. Its service covers commercial space, retail space of fashion brands and brand image design.
With years' of experience in fashion brand designing service, the team is more sensible to fashion and more passionate about new projects. In order to offer creative solutions to our clients, Bloom Design explores creative combination of art and commerce actively. Based on our rich experience and groundbreaking techniques, we have created some highly competitive and inspiring multi-dimensional brand experiences successfully. Our works have been widely published in many well-known professional design magazines, such as Interior Design China, FRAME China, China Interior Design Annual, id+c (Interior Design and Construction), Times Space, Modern Decoration, Designer and so on.

Muxin Design and Research Studio      SUN Hao-Chen, ZHANG Lei


Muxin Design and Research Studio is founded in Shanghai by SUN Hao-Chen and ZHANG Lei, it is a studio engaged in various designs, including architectural design, interior design, graphic design and product design. Muxin Design combines architectural logic and artistic language to demonstrate the unique character, form and space for every project. Muxin Design consists of a group of young people who are passionate about design, and try together to become one of most influential emerging design studio in China.

RIGI Design      LIU Kai


LIU Kai was born in Qingdao, China. He was graduated from Donghua University in Shanghai and his major was Environmental Art Design, and now he is a MA student supervisor of Donghua University. LIU Kai is the founder of RIGI Design, and Founder and Creative Director of an original fashion brand — L-HOUSE.
Through his concern about the spirit of times and lifestyles, LIU Kai creates a connection of the emotions and needs between design and users with the design philosophy of life terminal, and forms his unique design style combining the space and vision, and transforms the complete design insight into the design work.
LIU Kai has completed many successful creative works in brand design, space design, visual design, and product design. Many of his works have been widely published in internationally well-known design and life publications, and have also won many awards in famous design awards  from China and abroad.

Robot 3 Studio      PAN Fei, WANG Zhi


PAN Fei & WANG Zhi,graduated from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, founded Robot 3 Studio in 2011.

Design philosophy

Why so serious?

llLab      Hanxiao Liu, Luís Ricardo

Shanghai, PortugalOporto

llLab. is architecture and design studio based in Shanghai and Oporto and operating within the fields of architecture, design, art, urbanism, research and development. The studio is led by two partners Hanxiao Liu and Luís Ricardo. Their work focuses on using design as a tool to improve social and cultural life, looking for various scales, from urban projects to micro-architecture or installations.
The principals are driven by an experimental and playful approach that leads to onceptually rigorous and well-executed designs. It proposes solutions adapted to a context and tsusers, through unique and original projects and site-specific installations that both provoke and inspire.

Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant Co.,Ltd       Qin Yue-Ming

Guangdong, Shenzhen

Qin Yue-Ming, Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant Co., Ltd Design Director

Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant Co.,Ltd has served as an architectural and interior design consultant for many large projects. Starting from environmental analysis with other related companies, we offer professional design and consultation for every part the project, including project planning and positioning, spatial analysis of architectural design and VI system. For clients’ reference, we also have our agencies display furniture and accessories for decorations and provide purchasing service as well. 
Under the leadership of the renowned designer, Qin Yue-Ming, Rongor Design has won universal acclaim from clients and insiders in the design industry. His design works have received lots of awards in various competitions from home and abroad, including the Gold award in the American Hospitality Design Competition, Gold award of APIDA(Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards) and Best Hotel SPA Design Award in the American INTERIOR DESIGN magazine. Rongor Design has also been graded as “China’s most influential design company” and “the best interior design company in Shenzhen”.

Waterfrom Design      Nic Lee


The process of design and its results are difficult to predict, so all the possibilities must be attempted. Only through continuously drawing, creating multiple drafts and versions, can the final answer be found. We maintain the belief that aesthetics comes from approximating what is natural. All the lines of the drawing are not drawn with rulers. The designs I like are not purposefully neat and organized, but to have a little bit of natural lines, which will let us get closer to the space that we want to express." - Nic Lee. 
The design director of Waterfrom Design, Nic Lee, has been in designs for over a decade, and his work mixes extreme simplicity with humor. He graduated from the Pratt Institute, New York with a Master of Science in interior design, as well as having participated in Denmark's International Study Program. Throughout his education and career, Nic has melded thinking from the arts, humanities, and philosophy, possessing the logical thinking of architecture and design, as well as the rebellious nature of artists. He likes to be the exception outside the norm, to redefine the current order, and to find the unexpected within the unpredictable inaccuracies. He has received the Golden Pin design award for two consecutive years (2010-11), and was one of the top 10 designers for the Taiwan Interior Design Award (2007-2010). He excels in the use of installation art in spaces, and loves to find his inspirations from life, getting the most out of copious amount of reading, exposure to artworks and exhibitions, and turning the profound feelings thus gained into sparks of design inspirations.

X+Living      Li Xiang


President/ Creative director 
Graduated from the Birmingham City University authenticated by Architecture association of RIBA. Established X+Living in 2011. Cross-field to Interior Design, won several prestigious award, representative works are the most beautiful Zhongshuge bookstore series; Ripple Hotel - Qiandao Lake, Neobio Family Park, Wheat Youth Arts Hotel, Jooos Fitting Room.
2015 founded her own furniture brand with the ideology of environmental friendly, quality and spreading joy; adding in a touch of humor and minimalist she gets a lot of praises from the medias and fans.

2017 Successful Design – Most Successful Design Award
2017 Andrew Martin – The International Interior Designer of the Year Award
2017 AD100 Most influential Chinese Designers
2017 Prix Versailes Award - Best Retail Space Award
2017 FRAME 20 Years - 20 Creatives Defining the Future
2017 Italy A Design award -Two Gold Awards
2016 American Interior Design – The Best Bookstore Space Award
2016 PChouse Modern Design Awards – The Annual Youth Designer Leader
2016 Successful Design – Most Successful Design Award
2016 CIID INTERIOR DESIGN CHINA – BEST Commercial Space Award
2015 2015-2016 China Interior Design cover of the year
2015 Forbes china’s 30 Most Promising Designers
2015 I-ding Award – Hotel Space Gold Award 
2015 best 100 interior design – best ecospace Award
2015 CIID Award
2014 Design for Asia Awards 2014 - Bronze Award  
2014 CIID INTERIOR DESIGN CHINA Commercial Space Award
2013 PERSPECTIVE AWARD 2013 Commercial, Retail or office Award