Lily Nails - Nail and Eyelash Salon (Wudaokou Store)

Design Company: ARCHSTUDIO 
Design Team: Han Wen-Qiang, Song Hui-Zhong, Wang Ying
Project Location: Haiding District, Beijing, China
Project Area: 42 sqm
Design Time: 2016.08—2016.09
Construction Time: 2016.09—2016.10
Main Materials: Perforated steel plate, waterstone
Photographer: Jin Weiqi
Text: Han Wen-Qiang

The design was derived from forest, which then being transformed into a continuous arched geometry. The triangular arches are slightly curvy so as to bring interesting visual changes while maintaining the openness of this small space. All of the arches were made of 6mm perforated steel plates. Steel plates were prefabricated in a professional manufacturer and then delivered to the spot for assembly, in this way, construction time and cost were both saved. Arched structure creates a layered and transparent space, sitting inside, clients feel like as if they were in a white forest.