Neobio Kids Restaurant

Design Director: LI Xiang
Design Team: REN Lijiao, LIU Huan, Justin, FAN Chen
Design Company: X+Living
Project Location: Shanghai, China
Furniture: XIANGCASA
Project Type: Commercial
Area: 500㎡
Completion Time: 2017.07
Photographer: SHAO Feng

Dining and dining with children is very different. Children will play right after eating, while parents usually want to chat with family or friends. We hoped to design a restaurant which meets needs of both children and parents, so, in the selection of color, we tended to use colors that young mothers like; and the design could make children feel lively and relaxed. The design concept came from an imaginary picture, where a colorful hot air balloon rises up from an ancient castle --- showing a strong power that carries a new life. The rising balloon, which is the designer's metaphor of life force, represents children's vitality. Two-dimensional expression was taken to outline the patterns on the castle, symbolizing its charm and classic, as well as a sense of history. The sharp contrast of these two patterns is more like a narrative of the relationship between parents and children. Bearing such a concept in mind, the designer carefully designed a functional layout which meets both needs. Under each giant balloon, there are different kinds of pools where kids could have fun, some pools are filled with bubbles, some are with sand, some are with toys, etc,. There is a crawlway that connects all the pools, through which children can craw from the first pool to the second pool. These crawlways are winding and wavy, therefore children can have fun while climbing and crawling; some climbing ladders might reach to 2 meters high and then descend to the next pool, it allows parents walk under the crawlways. The crawlways are made of transparent acrylic, so parents could look after their children while they are playing inside. In addition to the designs which allow kids having fun, we took into consideration parent's psychology of looking after their children while enjoying delicious food and coffee, thus, all dining tables are designed around the pools.

We hoped that the whole design is a perfect combination of function and aesthetics, while customers are attracting by the beauty of the space, we hoped they could feel being cared for.