Rongor Design |China Resources Tao Yuan Li Marketing Center: Tao Yuan Li, where gives you peace of mind.

project name: China Resources Tao Yuan Li Marketing Center

Area: 1239㎡
Date completed: December, 2017
Location: Changsha, Hunan Province
Design Company: Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant Co., Ltd
Design team : Qin Yueming, Li Zhiqiang, Li Ming, He Jing, Xu Shuang yuan, He min ,Liu Mengying
Services: interior design; Space transformation
Main materials: Gray marble, landscape stone, wood veneer, metal mesh, stainless steel, resin board.
Photography: Ingallery

The so-called “Peach Blossom Garden” is more like a free lifestyle, is more about the scenery, and the people.
"The Peach Blossom Garden" can not be found, and the attitude of life behinds it can be perceived and experienced. By analyzing and understanding this kind of lifestyle, we found the carrier of these two elements "garden" and "courtyard" to condense the wisdom of Eastern space, and take it as the theme to connect the entire space.

Project Background
There is a Peach Blossom Garden in everyone’s heart. At the end of 2017, China Resources cooperated with Rongor Design to create the Tao Yuan Li Marketing Center, an urban peach blossom garden in the southern landscape style at the Xiangjiang river, which is based on the Peach Blossom Spring written by literati of Eastern Jin Dynasty Tao qian.

Follow the architectural rhythm to enter the courtyard, and enjoy the feeling of free and unfettered.
The land of idyllic beauty just like a landscape painting as Mr. Wuliu described. We explored more possibilities of the space through the rich imagination under the words.
Through nearly 1600 years of history, Rongor Design brought “the rhythm of space” into the design of the Changsha China Resources Tao Yuan Li Marketing Center. In the gradual process of "opening and closing", the interpretation is carried forward, and the picture is gradually unfolded, and eventually shows the life of the Peach Blossom Garden, which is full of traditional culture and leisure.

First in: quiet and distant
What is the view of entering the interior space from the outside?

The prelude of the whole space is opened with a convergent front hall, and the stable space prevents people's quiet mood from the outdoor disturbance. The tea room in the corner corresponds to the reception desk, which implicitly expresses the welcome to the guests.
On the screen of the gate, the circular landscape stone embedded in the wall becomes the visual focus, and the rolling mountains and rivers are like the highlight of a space, which makes people to see more of the scenery. It can be said that "the more the scene is hidden, the bigger the landscape is", only showing the corner of the beautiful scenery, it would be more intriguing, and full of expectation.

Connecting the front hall and negotiate area is a quiet corridor, the wall of vertical bar resembles the "sparse shadow" of the bamboo forest in nature, reappear the light shines in the quiet and distant bamboo forest.

Second in: Like another world quite different from this world

The rhythm of space is interlaced. Follow the guide of the bamboo shadow, and move to the model area, the narrowing space was pushed down deliberately, however it suddenly becomes enlightened. The lamps and lanterns above the project model are like flying leaves and petals, with a spectacular view of "plenty of falling flowers". Through the transformation of space scale, people’s frame of mind also becomes relieved in a moment.

Third in: close to the forest.

The corridor that leads to the negotiation area, the space make the transition to the rhythm mode of "close" once again. The spatial scale is getting narrow and long, and it creates a boundary relationship.

These two tiny pavilions on the left side of the corridor brings a pause, a rest, and an appreciation.

The outdoor scenery is shown behind the back of the stairs, at the back of the four screens that corresponding to the staircases , designers create a garden that include the frame of "not being tired of seeing the view" : mountain, water, cloud is subtly placed in a place, the originally limited space bursts the vitality. The opening and closing of the space gradually unfolds in a different way.

Fourth in: the paths are crisscross.

If the "opening" of the model area is displaying the peach forest, the "opening" of the negotiation area already shows the living form of the peach blossom garden. The view of window and screen creates echo and flow in this formed space , through the clever vision guidance, finally displays the outdoor landscape, and it connects the indoor and outdoor space.

The reading area is adjacent to the negotiation area, and the spacious floor bookshelf not only nourishes the arts and humanities, but also creates a wonder land in the spiritual sense.

Looking back to the lifestyle of the ancients and perceiving the artistic conception under Mr. Wuliu's pen, we have constructed a three-dimensional, a rich, a poetic and a humanistic paradise.