Qianhai East Coast Garden Show Flat

Project Name: Qianhai East Coast Garden 1C , 7B , 7D Show Flat
Design Company: Dickson Hung Organization Design Consultants
Chief Designer: Dickson Hung
Design team: Jiang Ying
Soft Decoration: Zhuangdian Decoration Co., Ltd.
Project Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Project Area: 90 m2(1C), 89 m2(7B), 127 m2(7D)
Completion Time: June, 2016

Curves enlarge minimalist space|1C Show Flat
The construction area of this project is about 90 square meters. Fashion is an eternal topic, and it is also a manifestation of characteristic. Coco Chanel said, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." Through a new understanding of fashion, the designers used the principle of "less is more" to interpret a different kind of fashion. The whole space is unified with concise, smooth and fluent lines running through the interior, bringing a refreshing and natural breath. The minimalist furniture reflects the wisdom of design and humanistic spirit everywhere. By thinking differently, the designers embedded a tea table into the sofa, and applied irregular cabinets which have graceful arcs. The storage design is another highlight, the cabinets of the living room, the bed of the study room and the TV wall of the bedroom and others are ingenious.

Zen abstracts oriental charm|7B Show Flat
With a building area of about 89 square meters, this project takes modern Chinese style as the keynote and deduces a living space with Chinese characteristics. There is a view in Western design circles that "without Chinese elements, there is no noble atmosphere," which shows the extraordinary charm of Chinese style. The designers cleverly used peacock blue, yellowish brown, lemon yellow and other colors to incorporate the spirit of Chinese style, and also highlight the flexibility of modern style. In the process of extracting Chinese elements, they replaced complicated typical patterns and graphics with those that represent Chinese style's spiritual characteristics of being dignified, gorgeous, implicative and elegant, and strengthened such features with textured materials. The simplified Chinese style flower arrangement, tables and chairs show a more intense noble and comfortable feeling.

Gold interprets famine mature|7D Show Flat
The building area of 7D Show Flat is around 127 square meters. Coco Chanel once said, "I want to be a part of the future", it was her ambition and forethought that created the unique brand Chanel. The designers introduced female's softness, stubbornness and uninhibitedness into this design so as to create an exclusive living space for females. The clever color matching visually makes the space warm and appealing; in terms of furniture and decorations, they selected soft and colorful materials as many as possible to collocate and embellish the space. The bedroom's background wall is decorated with carving flowers, such combination of Chinese and Western elements suddenly brightens people's eyes, and accords with the whole atmosphere of the space.