Hualong Private Terminal Space

Project name: Hualong Private Terminal Space
Designer: Chen Xuan
Photographer: An Li
Location: Hualong Private Terminal Space No.5 Cargo Road, Capital Airport, Beijing
Area: 1000㎡

The structure of the private terminal space is spacious, so all guests on the journey can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the terminal building and enjoy the nice food and the considerate service.

In the overall design, the designer strives to demonstrate the noble and elegant design concept, integrates the artistic elements into the design to make, the art exhibits combine with the overall design style perfectly. So to create an artist environment for the guests to totally relax themselves instead of just killing the time.

Business negotiations, travel experiences , can all be brought together into a wonderful memory here. All the entertainments and views can meet all guests’expectations.

Here is not only the harbor but also the spiritual station!

The overall design of the banquet hall highlights the practicality of the space. With the overall palace style, the metal texture and hollow design reflect the expansion and extension of the space perfectly. At the same time, it echoes with the TV background wall which looks translucent not tedious.

The dining bar and lounge area are painted into soft brown which reflects the modern elements. The gold soft furniture, the French window and the light make the perfect combination. Everything embodies the concept science and aesthetics---. plane taking off, people drinking coffee, which makes the journey into a pure spiritual enjoyment. a cup of coffee, and a trip can seem to be a kind of enjoyment.

The design of the bathroom is a combination of design sense and practicality, metal and wood. The LED light lines divides the entire space reasonably, which not only put the vanity mirror and the sink into consideration but also the guests’ feeling . The structure is meticulously and intimately considers the comfort of each guest.