The Rhyme of Light

Longgang Chuangtou Tower · Shenzhen
Investor: Longgang City Construction Investment Group
Lighting Design: GD-Lighting Design
Location: Shenzhen, China
Complete Time: 2017.09
Photographer:SHU He
Text & images provided by: GD-Lighting Design

The Rhyme of Light

The architecture is a container that captures light, just like how a musical instrument captures music. Light needs a structure that can show it. VC&PE has an open spatial structure, is interspersed with deconstructed blocks, and has a rhythmical unit form, which gives light the best expression carrier.

Like the black and white keys of a piano, the building shows virtuality and reality comparison of facades while the keys are pressed, which provides the building as a whole with the balance and integration. The lighting highlights the building structure and restores the changing light and shadow experience during the day.

The essence of a building is space, and the essence of space is light.

The light design makes the skin change of the declinate irregular stereoscopic window frame of building tower clearance present the invisible gray scale variation under the light and shadow, and the large area of warm color internal penetrance lighting of the buildings and the moderate white illuminated area of the tower complement and contrast each other, going well together and showing their own characteristics.

The soul of architecture derives from the perception and creation of the building architect, the combination and contrast of the light design and the building space has highlighted the architectural language and characteristics, and its layered and rhythmical design without any deliberate dynamic changes makes the soul and temperament of the building complete and vivid, peculiar and unique.