Shenzhen Gemdale Center &Shenzhen One Excellence

Shenzhen Gemdale Center
Investor: Shenzhen Gemdale Dabaihui Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd
Architectural Design: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Lighting Design: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, Francis Krahe & Associates, Grand Sight Design International Limited (GD-Lighting Design)
Location: Shenzhen, China
Complete Time: 2017
Photographer: Shu He

Shenzhen One Excellence
Investor: Excellence Group
Architectural Design: TFPFARRELLS
Lighting Design: GD-Lighting Design
Location: Shenzhen City.
Complete Time: 2017.07
Photographer: Eric Cheung
2017 LIT Lighting Design Awards Professional Winner
For Exterior Architecturatural Illumanation

Construction of Light and Shade between Straightness and Bend

Tao Te Ching said: "To craft a container with clay; the inner space is left hollow thus it can be used. To build a cottage; the window and door are remained so the whole space can function." An architecture is the physical composition of the city's texture. The facades open visible windows for buildings and accommodate the invisible marketplace and light and shadow, leaving the enclosed space open in mind.

If the building under the sun uses the sunlight to give the artificial field a natural light, the architectural lighting uses the optical system to characterize and complement the shadow of sunlight, presenting a visual aesthetics that is slightly different from that of sunlight but complements each other.

Shenzhen Gemdale Center and One Excellence Qianhai Tower are office buildings, and the architectural façade has a striking contrast of straightness and curve. The lighting is designed with different focuses using restrained and rational functional processing and expression techniques according to their line features, which changes vividly between light and shade.

"The shadow of windows and trees whirls in the breeze, a peak at the inside corner of the wall appears." The facade of Shenzhen Gemdale Center is the double-layer curtain wall. It absorbs the Chinese window grille concept, to represent the sense of growth of bamboo by the branched, interlaced modeling. In the sunlight, the exterior bamboo is made of white stone and the interior curtain wall is grayish blue and dark, so as to highlight and foil the external structural features. In the darkness, the light is in the middle of the double-layer curtain wall and the twigs are in the shape of whirling shadows, and the interchange of light and shadow is used to set off each other and interpret the concept of window of oriental aesthetics.

"The tune lingers in the house just like thousands of bright pearls thread in one line". The One Excellence Qianhai Tower contains many curved cornice modelings and the middle of twin towers is also connected by curve, presenting a harmonious and stable interlace and connection. Architecture illumination captures these modeling features with emphasis on the double hall modeling canopy between two towers, to sublimate the form of cross grips to the meaning of fusion and cooperation. For lighting technique, it is not sketched by lamps’ own light, but completely hides customized lamps into texture of architecture, projecting light onto architecture surface for self-presentation streamline feeling.

Night scene is the extension of daytime life so architecture illumination shall not be like building another architecture but an extension of daytime impression. Light depiction is conducted with architecture's own positioning and environmental attributes to avoid any strained redundant element, compared with aggressive visual bombing, this design can stand the test of time better.