Words come and go

Designer: He Mu
Design studio: TOWOdesign 
Size: 500*600*700/500*500*1660
Materials: discarded acrylic words, acrylic plates
Design time: November 2018
Photography: TOWOdesign

Words come and go – a series of furniture with installation art of words

Words are born for communication but forgotten after use. We want to keep them longer.

Materialization of words is an important medium for conveying information. It is an element that constitutes physical interface of information in a city, and it provides material condition for different enterprises and organizations to spread their beliefs and values. Different fonts, colors, combinations and design represent different emotions and information that people want to convey.

Acrylic, as the most commonly used physical font, has advantages in rich colors, easy processing, various specifications and easy combining. However, materialized words are also continuously metabolized like news, languages, videos, etc. Every day, there are shops in a mall or on the street that are demolished and updated; pavilions in an exhibition hall that are built and demolished; panels that are made, used, demolished then discarded by different organizations; and also defective products of words that are recycled and discarded by manufactories. The physical words act as if a nutrient that enters into the urban life entity, being produced, performing certain function, then dismantled and discharged after fading. It is the same with acrylic.

Various words containing different emotions and information are scattered and combined together, just like the integration and infiltration of microcells, forming a combined sense of numerous random fusions under a simple rule. This form of combination contains a kind of power itself. A single acrylic word has only a tiny supportive force. But through interlacing and pasting of multiple words, solid sheets can be formed. These sheets can then be designed, cut, combined and finally formed into available furniture that are re-supplied to the city. 

Under this logic, the sheets of words can be formed into furniture of various functions, from chairs, tables, cabinets to chandeliers, floor lamps, coffee tables...These furniture, with the combined power of words, bring practical functions and interesting information to urban interior space.