Wu Guanzhen Artwork Exhibition

Project name: Exhibition Hall of Wu Guanzhen Contemporary Lacquer Art Exhibition 2018 (Beijing)

Exhibition time: October 14 - 28, 2018
Project location: Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
Interior design: WEN QU DESIGN
Chief designer: Lin Liqun
Project area: 913 m2


Wu Guanzhen Artwork Exhibition|Let lacquer breathe on cloth

Wu Guanzhen, an emerging artist from China, welcomes the first stop of his 2018-2019 Asian exhibition tour in Beijing Today Art Museum. The building combines industrial heritage with modern design, allowing the artworks to be displayed through a unique aesthetic expression.
In a pure white-toned atmosphere, elaborately arranged lighting hightlights Wu’s 5 series of works, including Weaving Recall, Dunhuang Scroll, Mountain Plan, Daydreaming Land and Microscopic Nature. These works witness his careful interpretation of traditional materials like lacquer and ramie, and also reflect the artist's inner insistence on natural materials and traditional craftsmanship.

China is one of the countries where natural lacquer originated. Wu thinks the natural transparence of lacquer will be covered up if it is attached to a lacquer board. "When a leaf shines in the light, its both sides appear quite transparent. Is it possible for lacquer to be so light and transparent on both sides?"

Wu takes the ground-breaking step to move lacquer art from heavy-weighted boards to light lawns, creating an ambience of lightness and grace. The semitransparent raw Chinese lacquer is the perfect material to recreate natural light, aesthetically bringing forth the “fragments of reminiscence”.

He persists to express the conceptual artistic thinking with innovative ways of contemporary lacquer art, furthering revealing a unique perspective of the extraordinary characteristics in Eastern aesthetics. He handles such natural materials with care, and gives lacquer art new breath and extension by using threads to penetrate through the space.
The exhibiting way is as fantastic as the works. One end of the frame maintains an acute angular against the wall. Under the spotlight, scenes on the paintings are projected on the white wall, reflecting hidden rhythm of the entire space. Light is another material that adds mystique in the blending of lacquer and ramie. Under different light sources on the site, Wu's works provide visitors with an experience that is diverse yet harmonious, subtle yet touchable. The trip of lacquer art becomes a visual sense that is agile by light.