Joy City • Parkside • Herstory Art Zone

Joy City • Parkside • Herstory Art Zone  

Project Information 
Project Name: Joy City • Parkside • Herstory Art Zone Project Location: Shanghai, China Completion Year: 2018 Site Area: 500 square meters Built-up Area: 500 square meters Architecture and Interior Design: RoarcRenew 
Leading Architect: Robben Bai Project Architect: Mengxuan Sheng
Design Team: Jinhua Xue, Yejing Wu, Ziyou Chen, Chenchen Zhu
Construction Engineer: Chuanyi Wu
Lighting Design: Zhaolong Jiang (ECO Face Consultant)
Construction Consultant: Chenghua Zhang (EMCC)
Client: Joy City Group

The sage Chuangzi is day-dreaming in the free state, bewitched by butterflies.

It is said that the great is hidden in the world, but what is the real world?

A shopping mall is a place for shopping, also a place for parents and children. So, how we fill our leisure time here?

In practice, the assignment for RoarcRenew is to design a shared living-room under a 10-m high ceiling inside a shopping mall.

The theme of this mall is the hostess experience space.

Function: A Complex functioning space:  
an amusement park + a living-room for the shopping mall + a stage for parent-child performance

The “Soft” Domain

When curves are combined in the three-dimensional space, “soft” tends to be more touching.

The “Softness” of the Entrance Stair

The “Softness” of the “Butterfly”

The “Softness” of the curved terrazzo volume

The edge of the original floor is “softened” and the edge facade forms a “welcoming” curve. It provides a place for “seeing” the “butterfly” space. The new elliptical staircase connecting the vertical traffic of 4th and 5th floors provides an important channel and a main visual image for the whole field.

The membrane structure of curvature skeleton is our pictographic definition of the term “female”. The sage Chuangzi is day-dreaming, bewitched by butterflies. In this context, butterflies are women. Membrane structure rendered by different color levels of lighting is just the “mystery” and “illusion” of “women”.

In terms of function, the landing steel structure of curve effectively replaces the wall partition due to different functions, and the soft space language is liberated by “lighting” and “curves”.

The Regulator of Indoor Microclimate

“Membrane” functions as a good thermal insulation and it is the regulator of indoor microclimate.

We spent half a year trying to study the necessity of putting the membrane structure into the indoor space, construction, building order, joint connection, lighting coordination, structural load, etc. As a result, we are excited to see that the soft “skin feeling” derived from “membrane” materials forms a special media carrier. This is complemented by our desire to express the “charm of butterflies” of “women”.

Some fresh air, and the complex light environment, pass through the “Membrane” and present themselves in the form of diffuse reflection. In a quiet space, the content of the situation changes, jumps and assumptions are brought along at any time and anywhere. Freedom is light. While A certain amount of light transmittance is shielded by the membrane, people and light, people and people, people and the shadows, shuttling in the exploration, or hiding in the corners,  form different body combinations and different behaviors.

If previous projects of RoarcRenew used to present big things through small details, to reveal the filed spirit from one “design point”. This time we try to transform the field into a space, with an independent and elegant attitude to create a small walking space, paying more attention to the human experience and the process of experiencing the space.