Suzhou MEICAN ZONE Innovative Office Cafeteria

Project name: Suzhou MEICAN ZONE Innovative Office Cafeteria
Project category: Canteen
Interior design studio: Sanshangshan Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
Chief designer: Huo Qingtao
Design team: Huo Qingtao, Wang Xin
Project location: Suzhou International Science Park (SISPARK), China
Project area: 1500 m2
Completion date: 2018.10.23
Main materials: dark gray aluminum panels (JIXIANG), aluminum panels with thermal transfer wood grain (JIXIANG), Walnut KD panels (Formica Group)

Rationality and Minimalism Define Future Staff Canteen
— Suzhou MEICAN ZONE Innovative Office Cafeteria

The project, situated at Suzhou International Science Park China, is mainly intended for employees working in the industrial park. As the second MEICAN ZONE Innovative Office Cafeteria in China, with the earlier one in Shanghai, it carries forward MEICAN ZONE's typical color palette of black and yellow, features a modern and minimalist design style, and aims to provide efficient and convenient catering services as well as enable people to enjoy a relaxing and pleasant dining experience via digital hardware, personalized products and user-friendly services.

Dining Space
Design Style:
The wood color renders a rather light and warm atmosphere to the dark grey space, while the bright yellow brings people a refreshing feeling. The overall dining space is decorated with green plants of staggered height and offers multiple dining area options for one person, couple, four people and group. Minimalist yet comfortable booths, and simplistic chairs with interesting design, together create a pleasing and cozy dining environment.

Design Focuses:
With a view to creating an efficient and comfortable dining space with clear spatial form, providing staff with catering services in an efficient but reasonable manner, and shortening queue time as much as possible, great importance was attached to the design of the dining circulation, queue circulation and used-dishes collection circulation.
Ordering methods: smarter, more diverse and more user-friendly

Self-service Ordering:
Diners can order food at the self-service machine, which offers a menu clear at a glance, and an easy access as well as convenient operation.
QR Code Ordering:
Each dining table is placed with a QR code and people only need to scan it and wait in the seat, while the screen will display “order status” and notify them once their order is ready.

MEICAN App provides services including mobile ordering and picking-up, etc., and offers preferential price. For those who order via the app, MEICAN uses intelligent cupboards to keep their meals warm, which also saves queue time.

As opposed to simply moving a food court in, a canteen for employees should have its own spatial attributes. After all, for such a non-commercial catering space, efficiency matters most, which means that all the commercial means will make no sense and there is no need to deliberately catch one's eyes or rack the brain for gimmicks. All that is needed is to have the catering space return to its purest inherent essence.