Hotwind Taikoo Li Outlet Chengdu

Type: Shoes & Garments
Designers: Kai Liu, RIGI Design team
Design Company: RIGI Design
Area: 250㎡
Design Time: 2014/11
Completion Time: 2014/12
Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Photographer: Jack Wen
Materials: White and Gray Latex Paint, Blue Matte Paint, Wood, LED Spotlights

Design Description:
The project is located in a shopping Centre featured by open and low-density blocks in Jinjiang Diststrict, Chengdu. Unlike the traditional in-house shopping Centre, it presents a city leisure centre consisted of streets, lanes and squares. This premise is the model image store of Hotwind, a nationally well-known quick fashion chain in Chengdu. The client opened an outlet in this shopping mall, aiming to provide with customers creative and custom shopping and leisure experience, thus consigning the design of the brand's outlet to RIGI Design.
The store is narrow in layout, a depth space. Part of the design of the entrance follows the brand's consistent green logo and shining triangle but with some changes and redesign in the presentation, enhanced by the black metal framing around the showcase which centralizes the sight, shapes the brand feature and leaves the customers a new impression on the new brand image.
The designers made a contrast between the white ceiling and the black strip light slots, concisely demonstrating the quick fashion brand style. Part of the forming of the ceiling and the casing lights provides better lighting and serves as the threshold of in-house division. For key display area, the designers adopted the ceiling formation and other carriers such as ground texture and lighting effect to form the virtual division.
Through the research and analysis of the brand, the designers conducted systematic integration and designing in the materials in the store. Through the display function, visual effect, they did not follow the usual single item model, they promoted the items towards generalization, Mathematical Modeling and integration, which is to present the plan of item displaying for this store. The designers followed the consistently concise, natural style, adopted the combination between dark wood pattern and metal, thus shaping a unique fashion retail space that is different from the usual ones.
The designers brought new ideas to the brand’s consistent freshness; they tried a lot of the combination between dark wood pattern and metal, white ceiling and wall, grey ground and dark items, forming a streamlined, clearly-layered shopping experience space.
The project is not only the new trial of the brand’s outlet, but also a bold exploration and breakthrough of the outlet image, making the shopping experience direct and unique.