Metal Hut - Lucky Bar

Project name: Metal Hut - Lucky Bar

Design Company: Robot 3 Studio

Designers: Pan Fei, Wang Zhi

Location: Kexing West Road, No. 43, Changping District, Beijing, China

Type: Restaurant

Area: 76 sqm

Design time: 2016.03-2016.04

Completion time: 2016.05

Contractor: Beijing Jingchuanjiamei Decoration Co., Ltd

Photographer: Deng Xi-Xun

With the size of only 52 ㎡ (kitchen not included), the original ramen shop is adapted to a BBQ bar. Features of the project: narrow space, limited budget and poor loca-tion.

What we propose: switching perspective, ultralow price and wormhole.

Each ring road of Beijing is a rough division of social class. The invisible wall made up of power and wealth divides Beijing into pieces of fixed territories, some of which are inaccessible for majority of people in their whole life. Each territory has a stable hierarchical structure and complicated codes. Design is the way to overcome the obstacles and crack the code.

Huoying is located in the “margin” of Beijing. As the reference of it, Sanlitun area is the center of fashion and exchange of information in Beijing. It takes 1.5 hours to drive from Huoying to Sanlitun with the distance of 25 km. But we believe that the margin of Huoying correlates with the center of Sanlitun. There will be no center if there is no margin. We are designing a wormhole① in this spacetime to make the margin and the center overlapped. The wormhole is the Metal Hut.

①Wormhole Theory is proposed by Einstein and perfected by Nathan Rosen. Wormhole is a multi-dimensional space tunnel connecting two distant spaces.

The psychological change from our work to life could not be instantly changed like a switch. We may still continue to work after returning home. Therefore, we take the Metal Hut as a psychological switch. Squatting is a basic human instinct position on a picnic. This “informal” dining posture is relaxing and getting the diners more inti-mate. Squatting view also permits the diners to see the usually-neglected low dimen-sion of the world.

Material is just a word, with no special preference. We have chosen a few uncom-mon materials, with “iron board” as subject, “soft curtains” as attributive, and “a real tree” as the main verb. Metaphorically, it means soft metal is the power to guard our nature.