Original Elements of Life

Chief Designer: HE Xiao-Ping, LI Xing-Lin

Project Team: CAI Tie-Lei, LIANG Yi-Hui, YU Guo-Neng, CHEN Yun-Chang, HE Liu-Wei, ZENG Xiang-Ru

Design Company: C.DD

Location: Qingyuan, Guangdong, China

Area: 140 sqm

Main Materials: oak, matt white latex paint, wood grain brick, grey floor tile, marble, clear glass

Completion Time: 2016.01

Photographer: OUYANG Yun

The project is located in Hemingzhou Hotspring Resort & Spa, which is far away from the hustle and bustle in cities. The developer targets at building an ideal resort for ecological recuperating and refining one's mind and body.

The designers believe that the life should be of high quality in addition to a variety of experiences. Everyone should have a wonderful life.

The designers abandon the trifles and use white and natural wood as the main colors. In combination with glasses and open layout, the design breaks the boundaries of the space. When looking at the space and decorations, you can enjoy the aesthetics of simplicity and the design of pursuing the ultimate experience in simplicity.

Life is to follow your heart, just relax and forget everything.