Paper Table Paper Brick

Design Type: Product Design
Designer: Li Xiao-Ming
Design Company: ARCHSTUDIO
Design Time: 2016
Material: recycled paper pulp
Photographer: JIN Wei-Qi

Paper Table (Paper, 2016)
The designer has turned the waste paper pulp into solid material through solidification treatment to make its strength as plates with plasticity and has a three-dimensional curved surface. This is the original idea of this work.
The nature of paper pulp has changed correspondingly from soft, light and thin to hard, tough and thick. Then the paper takes place of the wooden table top, with a soft form outside but solid inside. Though the same of the table is soft table, the difference between its visual impression and the inner character makes it an interesting complex, the designer redefines the nature of the product. The unique feature of soft table lies in excavating the special nature of paper in order to design it for the undulating shape. Its function is defined for taking a sleep or a snooze. The curves on the table top are in accord with the curvature changes of human body engineering. It is fit for the posture when people bend over the table and it is also for normal use.
The special function of paper table does not only reflect in the appearance of its physical appearance, but the most important factor is embodied in its material particularity. For the visual perception, paper feels gentle and natural like cotton because it is soft, but for this product, the designer makes the paper table to be solid and load-bearing after casting.
In this work, our study on the paper material is helpful for optimizing paper recycling design, new materials and materials with new design have become a product trend in the future, and we hope to arouse people’s attention on environmental protection and waste recycling.

"Paper Table" Introduction:
Materials: recycled paper pulp, maple
Size: 100*100*70cm
"Paper Brick" (Paper, 2016)
Paper is a kind of materials with characteristics of both commonality and specialty. However, it's a brand new challenge for paper itself to present it in a special way through solidification treatment and moulding. Therefore, the property of paper and brick is conflicted through casting, from presenting, developing to strengthening. When the paper is presented in a brick shape, it's weak but strong, soft but hard. Constructing is like rebirth. "Constructing" means taking a chance to re-construct the recycled paper pulp, which mostly known as a waste. The waste pulp with light weight but big shape can be re-constructed into high density material, which turns to be a new building material for research.
"Paper Brick" Introduction
Materials: recycled paper pulp
Type: Porous paper brick
Size: 42*21*7cm
Technology: casting
Basic Property: density on surface, medium weight, high compressive strength (10-30MPa), medium strength of extension (1-3MPa), medium breaking strength (2-4MPa)
Characteristics: load-bearing, easy bricklaying, waterproof, environmental protection, available indoor and outdoor.